The Company is now completing existing land developments and will be focusing solely on the brokerage of extraordinary parcels of land. We are offering two types of brokerage services.

First is the positioning, packaging and listing of special properties. Our focus is on properties with unique environmental values, such as lands with great rivers, wetlands or special wildlife habitats. One such property that was successfully marketed was is "Almost Paradise", a 36 acre parcel on the Frying Pan River with 3800 feet of controlled fishing habitat. It sold for $12,000,000.

Special lands that have unique or irreplaceable environmental qualities are difficult to value. Effectively explaining those irreplaceable qualities is a key component of realizing the full value of their value. The property can become a moment of ownership within a continuum of history, setting and stewardship. This story, when carefully crafted, will help buyers grasp the real value of a property, particularly when the property is unique and the value difficult to quantify. The web based brochure for Almost Paradise was a successful example of that marketing.

The second service we offer is that of a confidential buyer's representative for individuals seeking lands with unique environmental values. We have significant experience in researching, evaluating and acquiring property for buyers of rare properties. These acquisitions have ranged in size from 200 acres to 250 square miles. In November 2007 we successfully located and participated in brokering the Forbes Trinchera Ranch, at that time the most expensive ranch acquisition in US history. Click on the "WSJ article" button at the right to read the details.

For further information on these services, please contact us directly.

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